GOAPP Discussion Group, December 18, 2007

Location: Gordon Riley Conference Room, Department of Oceanography, 3rd Floor LSC

Time: 2:00-3:30pm

Title: Ocean Data Assimilation in the GOAPP North Atlantic model

Discussion Leader: Entcho Demirov


The talk will describe the methodology for data assimilation of satellite and in-situ data which is under development at Memorial University. The data assimilation scheme, which is part of tasks I.2 and I.3 of GOAPP, is a SEEK filter. Theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation of the SEEK model of the background error covariance matrix will be presented. Connections with and differences between the data assimilation schemes of spectral nudging and 3-D VAR developed in Dalhousie University and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography will be discussed. The talk will conclude with the presentation of a possible set up of metrics for future intercomparison and verification of the model simulations and data assimilation within GOAPP and improvement of existing data assimilation schemes.

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