Pierre Gauthier
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
PO Box 8888 Succ. Centre-ville
Montreal, Quebec  H3C 3P8
Tel:  (514) 987-3000 Ext 3304
Fax: (514) 987-6853

From 1991 to 2007, Dr. Gauthier was a research scientist at Environment Canada. He supervised the research and development of a variational data assimilation system (3D-Var) which became operational at the Meteorological Service of Canada in June 1997. This system has been in use operationally to produce daily global and regional analyses (Gauthier et al., 1999; Laroche et al., 1999). Dr. Gauthier also supervised the R&D work that led to the operational implementation of a 4D variational data assimilation system, the 4D-Var, in March 2005 (Gauthier et al., 2007; Laroche et al., 2007). In October 2003, Dr. Gauthier became the chief of the Data Assimilation and Satellite Meteorology research section of Environment Canada, a position he held until his recent nomination as professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of the Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM). Dr. Gauthier is also involved in the WMO THORPEX programme as co-chair of the North American regional committee and co-chair of the THORPEX Working Group on Data Assimilation and Observing Strategies. He is also a member of the WMO Working Group on Numerical Experimentation jointly established by the Joint Scientific Committee of the WCRP and the WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS).

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